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“Your property is our property and that’s the way we treat it”

We give an expert property management service that gives you peace of mind to enjoy your valuable time here in Spain.

We offer a personal property management tailored to your needs. Below you will find a FULL guide to our management services and what is required to set up the running of your property.

1. Management:
Our property management staff will handle the general administration, care of your property and rental reservation services if needed.

2. Owner Account:
Your property management will begin immediately on signing the agreement.

Contingency fund: Your account should always be credited more than €200 to set against any repairs or other costs that may arise.
• Light bulbs
• Electrical replacements

Management fees are charged yearly.
Current charges are as follows:
Studio apartments                                                                  €500
1 bedroom apartments                                                           €600
2 bedroom apartments                                                           €700
3 bedroom apartments                                                           €800
4 bedroom apartments, townhouses & villas              from    €900
All prices are subject to 21% IVA (VAT)

3. Cleaning and Laundry:
We have our own team of cleaners and we will pre-check your property prior to guests arrival and upon departure. Upon departure, your home will be thoroughly cleaned and made ready for the next client.
The cleaner prior to each rental leaves the following complimentary items in the property:
Two dishwasher detergent tablets and toilet roll in the bathrooms. Bin liners are also supplied.

Cleaning & laundry charges are as follows:

1 Bedroom/Studio apartment                         €70
2 Bedroom apartment                                    €90
3 Bedroom apartment                                    €115
4 Bedroom apartment & Villas            from    €135
All prices are subject to 21% IVA (VAT)

4. Mid-week clean:
We offer extra cleaning services or daily maid services given a minimum of 24-hour notice. This service is available to all owners and renters. Additional fees will apply.

5. The Three “R”s:

Repairs, replacements and re-decoration. It is imperative that your property is well maintained. Our checks ensure that any necessary repairs or replacements are undertaken. Cost will be advised to the owner prior to commencement of necessary works, whenever possible. Under non-emergency circumstances we will await owner approval.

6. In Conclusion:
As your management company, Rose Estates takes pride in maintaining your home in a professional manner and we strive to be the best management company with satisfied owners and guests worldwide.